New Season, New Sounds

El Ganso, in collaboration with Melboss Music, launched a new project with the objective of creating new and special experiences within their stores.

El Ganso - Melboss



  • Promote a new Clothing Collection
  • Attract New Customers
  • Increase store activity during less busy hours




Melboss proposed a project with the goal of creating a new experience in stores. By taking advantage of the presentation of its new clothing collection, it gave visibility to new emerging talents of music.

El Ganso selected 5 stores that were suitable to the projects’ objectives. The selected cities were; Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Vigo and Seville.

For five weeks the showcases took place and Melboss analyzed the various fanbases of the selected cities.

Additionally, the city of Lisbon was chosen for a final event. Here, the band that generated the best impact on social platforms as well as in stores, got the change to perform.

Melboss, not only managed the artists, but also attended all the events with the audiovisual team to take videos of the event and compile a photo album.




  • Integrated Brand Strategy: Experiential, Entertainment, Content
  • Talent Procurement and Management.
  • Event production.
  • Website Development




  • Numerous fans attended the stores and gave positive feedback on the event.
  • The concerts generated interest in people around the store, drawing in a strong walk-in crowd.
  • The artists wore the merchandise so the fans and audience could appreciate the new collection live.
  • The videos made circulation on all platforms.
  • All artists gained visibility and the winner won a recording session in a famous studio in Madrid.

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