Utopicus – Aperol



  • Promote Aperol Spritz to coworkers.
  • Increase the rands (Aperol and Utopicus) recognition.
  • Attract new customers.




In 2018 Melboss collaborated in creating 3 events. The following year in 2019, the collaboration was extended to 20 events utilizing various spaces and spreading across different cities.

Artists were sought after by clients, to go over the type of music they wanted to portray.




  • The Search, Management and Recruitment of artists.
  • Production of events.
  • Creation of a video summary of the event.
  • Project Website Development.




  • The Clients, (both Aperol and Utopicus) were satisfied about the coworkers participation and the live music proposal.
  • Artists gained visibility.
  • Aperol decided to renew the deal for 2019.
The Whole of the Moon

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