Utopicus Plaça Catalunya

An example of the potential of events as tools that generate experiences of all kinds.



  • Inaugurate the new co-working center in Barcelona.
  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Attract new customers.




Utopicus contacted Melboss with hopes to produce musical events for their opening party. It was required that the artists consist of two DJs to play at the reception, and two bands to create a friendly atmosphere at the rooftop venue.

After the client briefing with Melboss, we were able to find a suitable artist based on the type of music they specified.




  • The Search, Management and Recruitment of artists.
  • Production of events.
  • Creation of a video summary of the event.




  • The attendees gave positive verbal feedback of both the DJs and showcases. The performances were the perfect element to accompany the party on the terrace.
  • The artists gained visibility.
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